Tuoi’s food is defined by a simple shining purity. Like a maker of great German Riesling, she has an instinctive ability to balance sweetness and acidity; the aromas and flavours are gentle and perfumed, the mouth-feel electric and exciting.

Like great winemaking, Tuoi’s cooking steers fresh, local ingredients (many from our own garden) to a culinary outcome with minimal intervention. Sure, many of her pastes are complex and laborious, but her dishes are never over-complicated. Hers is a self-effacing style of cheffing, with a quiet humility drawn from the dire poverty of her native region of Phú Thọ in northern Vietnam. Her food is of the people, for the people. And yet so relentlessly consumed is she by exacting perfection, her suppliers know the routine if she is less than satisfied by a delivered ingredient!


In tandem with the development of Tuoi’s food culture, we have grown an exciting cuisine-focussed wine program. Recognising that the big Shiraz-based wines for which our region is best known often overwhelm the subtle food flavours, we have developed a collection that encompasses many of the world’s most diverse wine styles.

We are proud to have a team of Sommeliers and wine-savvy waiting staff to lead our customers to a delicious, engaging, narrative-driven (and often entertaining) wine selection that will enhance the enjoyment of Tuoi’s amazing food. We encourage our customers to step out from beneath the stultifying cloak of vinous familiarity and dip their olfactors into a world of exciting new beverage possibilities.


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